Laduree Tea room soho

The day has finally arrived!! Laduree opened up their new tea room in Soho NYC last month, and last week we went to visit . I have been waiting for over a year for them to open so when my best friend informed me they were open (still mad I didn't get an email) I called and made reservations.
I had read the yelp reviews and they mentioned not to go during the weekend due to crowds so I made a 3 o clock appointment for a thursday . Perfect time to go by the way it wasn't over crowded at all and we were seated right away . When you first walk in the door you are greeted by their bakery which you can stop in and pick up pastries on the run . Then there are 3-4 dining rooms we were seating in the brown room . It was pretty and I loved the velvet furniture but next time I'm asking to be seated in the special grand dining room area in the back It's stunning you can google pictures of it very impressive .

This is my favorite part of the Soho Laduree the pastries ! The madison ave laduree only has macarons and chocolates but i have been dying to try the pastries . I only got to try one in london and it was amazing .
Second favorite part is now I can sit down for a fancy tea with my pastries .
Below is what i ordered I forget the name but it was some delicious hazelnut delight! I also got the vanilla tea and only $7 for your own pot not bad at all .
(tiny chocolate served with your tea also delicious )

Our waitress was this sweet little french girl not at all like snooty like the people on yelp had claimed the staff was everyone I  dealt with was super nice . If you're going for brunch or dinner which will be next on my list it is a bit pricey ,but lets be honest people its soho what do you expect lol . We also got some pastries to take home for my mom and her boyfriend and also another for ourselves because why not!
To the left is the chantilly nougatine it's like the most delicious cream puff you have ever had with nuts and caramel on the bottom. The chocolate eclair was kinda a flop it had chocolate filling and way to much chocolate for this house's tastes . Not pictured is the plaisir sucre this my friends is the holy grail of chocolate hazelnut desserts . It's amazing and i recommend you try one if you find yourself at a Laduree . That's all I hope you enjoyed this dose of food porn!


  1. Did they give you a hard time with taking photos? Looks wonderful, cannot wait to get there very soon! Love the post and the goodies!!

    1. i was pretty discreet about taking photos so i'm not sure but the lady next to me was taking photos nobody said anything to her lol

  2. I had dinner there and was in love! I posted about it and took lots of photos. Noone stopped me as a matter of fact they took me on a tour. lol I was impressed. my only gripe with them is that they do not sell wonderful little gifts. They are selling the same candles and keychains that the Madison Ave boutique is selling. I can not wait to go back and try some different things. Grace

  3. oooh!! this place looks so cute, i will have to go there sometime!



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