Tarte foundation brush vs Beauty Blender

Let's talk foundation today , For the past year I have been hearing about this beauty blender sponge that it's some sort of magic device to make your foundation perfect . I have used regular makeup sponges in the past but they waste so much makeup sucking it into the sponge. I figured since this beauty blender is super popular that it didn't do the same . I got lucky and ordered a glossy box and got a beauty blender inside .

I got the white beauty blender  in my glossy box and got to try it out the other day .
I was highly unimpressed , you have to use so much more foundation again the sponge sucks it up and although it blends easily it just doesn't get you far . The coverage isn't as great as a foundation brush will get you . I ended up having to finish the job with my tarte brush as i was getting frustrated. Also its very drying i heard you can wet the sponge but it gives your makeup a more light cover while doing so which i wasn't really into . Here is a picture of me when i used the beauty blender .

Next up is the Tarte airbrush finish bamboo foundation brush .

I found this on the sephora beauty forums and I am so glad I did ! This folks is the holy grail of foundation brushes . Let me first say i have used  high end brand regular foundation brushes before and they did work great but I really hated the feeling of literally painting my face on . Most of those brushes look just like a paint brush lol . I used this brush right away and instantly fell in love . It's great for one because it's easy , I imagine if you have never before used a makeup brush you could just pick this up and go to work. Its fluffy and soft and makes your makeup go a long way . Using less foundation but still getting the covered look . It blends right into your skin so no lines and having to use your fingers to blend out after . I also imagine you can use this for powder when cleaned . It's $32 which may seem steep to some of you but this one is a great investment in your face lol 
Here's a photo of me using this brush, there may not seem like a huge difference but in person i could definitely tell . You can buy both these items at sephora if you want to rack up your points!

If you have any questions I can help with leave me a comment . Thanks for reading!


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