Spooky Eyes review

Awhile back i signed up for the blogger network , and i was finally excepted for one of the campaigns . I was so excited to find out that it was the colored contacts website spooky eyes .

Look zombie eyes! how fun . Sorry for the side track there but there are so many fun lenses to choose from and just in time for Halloween coming up next month .

I got to choose from the naturals collection and I was sent the natural violet circle lenses found here. These are super fun and i love that they match my hair and I feel like I resemble a cartoon character . 

They look blue in the photos but my camera seems to always do that with violet things .
The best part about spooky eyes contacts is they cover my very dark brown eyes with not much showing through . They aren't prescription so if you normally wear contacts you have to take that into mind . But I have a pair of glasses so I can wear them if I want to wear these out .  I really loved the way these looked on me , so very fun looking . The only negative i really have to say is that they were kind of uncomfortable . This could be due to the fact I've never worn these type of contacts and the last time i wore regular colored contacts were years ago . Also my eyes are quite sensitive. Overall when I need fun contacts I will be going back to spooky eyes

Of course I'm already eyeing a two pairs I would love to get my hands on and surprise surprise one of them are the vampire lenses lol . Check these out .

Lets also not forgot the black out contacts I've always wanted these!

I could sit here all day matching up contacts on this site to movie characters but I won't do that to you guys lol  These are all FDA approved so no worrying about getting shady contacts your afraid to put in your eyes .

So which pair would you pick?

I was provided with a free pair of contacts for this review but in now way did it affect my opinion all statements are my honest thoughts 


  1. I rather like the violet to be honest They look very Liz Taylor !


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