Sunday, October 25, 2015

Wedding invitations galore!

One of my lovely friends re shot all the wedding invitations for me and I've added some new ones as well. Let me know if there are any designs you would like to see let me know I'm still looking to add more designs . Check them all out here

Also order before Nov 1st and get 20% off your entire invitation order, I'll be away for two weeks in November so They will ship out to you the day I get back! Use code: wedding20

Friday, October 23, 2015

Light in the box review

I recently got a chance to try out one of the many items from Light in the box.
It had the hardest time trying to pick just one thing but I went with the black and white striped cardigan since fall was coming up and it reminded me of beetlejuice lol.

They have so many items to choose from clothes for men and women ,home decor, shoes, jewelry you name it and everything is at a really reasonable price.
I do warn if you are buying clothes please check their size charts because their sizing is way off from american sizing .
This was what i picked you can click on the image to take your directly there.

The free shipping option I chose was a bit slow but when it arrived I was so excited . It fit really well and was just as cute as it was in the photos. The quality is really great as well ,which is fantastic. The only thing i was disappointed by was that it was under sweaters and its actually made of t shirt material .

Go check out more fun items and amazing selection of clothes over at light in the box!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Last day for Halloween orders and sale!

Hey guys, today is the last day to place Halloween orders in both my shops.
All Halloween items in Fancy Paperie are marked down as well!
Also 20% off all Halloween cookie orders at The Fancy Lady Gourmet use code :Halloween20

Friday, October 9, 2015

The iron duke book review

Awhile back I got to review Fear by L. Ron Hubbard you can find that post here. So when asked if I would want to do another I gladly said yes. The book I chose is called The Iron Duke also by L. Ron Hubbard . I also got an audio book which actually came in handy due to the fact I was so busy that week I was able to listen to the book while I painted some new designs. I had never tried an audio book and was pleasantly surprised  at how much I enjoyed it .

Overall I really enjoyed this story It was another from the 40's and I really enjoy the feel of those types of books and stories. From what I gather its set in the early 30s which is fantastic and follows the adventures of Blacky Lee a play boy type who is always getting himself into situations with schemes. This time while traveling in Europe he gets himself into the biggest scheme of all and quickly finds himself in over his head.

I would highly recommend checking this book out  its a pulp fiction adventure novel at its best!

Reading anything good lately? I have two 7 hour plane rides coming up next month could use some good recommendations. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wedding invitation winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered , check your emails tonight I'll be sending everyone a special surprise!
Our winner is 

So excited about this giveaway! We are getting married in July- our venue looks like an old speakeasy and we have a "Gatsby" theme. . Thanks! :)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

why wedding stationery isn't just invitations

Why wedding stationery isn't just invitations .

Growing up I was always far ahead of my time in my thoughts and manners, while most teenagers were idolizing Britney Spears I was planing dinner parties and reading Martha Stewart magazines . While doing so I learned a lot of proper etiquette about gifts, weddings and thank you's . The one common thing that still stands today is no email will ever have the same effect as sending a hand written thank you note or letter on beautiful paper.

While planning your wedding It's easy to forget all the little things that your friends and family do and help with along the way. From your brides maids helping you put together favors till 2 am over a few bottles of wine or your parents picking up the tab on a few more things than you had planned on.
When its all said and done and your special day is over the best way to show your appreciation is to send personal thank you's to everyone who helped.
Sure it may take some extra time but its worth every minute to show you care.

For the little things, I recommend a little thank you card with just a few words expressing your gratitude.
For your friends and family who did more than you can imagine or even just wanting to tell your maid of honor how much she means to your. Sending a letter on beautiful paper is the perfect way to impress and show your love.

Lastly the most important person on your big day the one you love and the one your marrying. How sweet would it be to send them a love note on the morning of your big day . Write to them telling them how excited you are or how much you love them and have it sent over to them before you see each other. Its a sweet little gesture that's often over looked but can have a big impact.

I hope you took something from this article and don't forget everyone along the way!

- Amanda of Fancy Paperie 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Custom wedding invitation giveaway!!!

To help launch my new line of wedding invitations for Fancy Paperie  I'm doing a very special giveaway ! 

One lucky bride to be will win a custom design service(a $150 value) for wedding invitations and save the dates and 50 wedding invitations and save the dates (a $250 value). I will be working with you to create a one of a kind hand painted design for your wedding.

Here is how to enter , follow my blog and just leave a comment with the theme or style of your wedding and your email address you can be contacted at and that's it.
Giveaway ends October 5th 2015.

Details Please read all

You will receive your printed invitations in December of this year so please make sure when entering that you don't need them before then.
The winner will receive 50 invitations and save the dates at no cost, if you require more than 50  invitations you only have to pay wholesale price on the rest. Giveaway is open to U.S residents , if your international and would like to enter you can you just have to pay shipping costs.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Halloween stationery box has arrived!

Since I started Fancy Paperie , I've been toying with the thought of doing a subscription stationery box. There are a few good ones on the market right now but there is always room for another. I decided instead of jumping right in I decided to do Holiday boxes and since my favorite holiday is coming up Halloween I was all to excited to start on this one. I didn't want to make it all about my items and asked to fellow talented stationery designers to contribute to the first box. I am so excited to share with you the Halloween box.

 My inspiration for the Halloween was to go in a vintage direction with an antique meets modern collection of paper.

Now whats inside the box! I've seen some great stationery boxes and some ones that are just filled with $1 bin items. I wanted to make sure these were filled with high quality beautiful stationery and still an affordable price.
For $25 plus a flat rate shipping your parcel of 6 full sized Halloween goodies comes with a letter set, cards,notepad,postcards and a surprise item. Also the first 3 orders get an extra item so that makes 7 items. These are limited numbers as of now there are 9 boxes left once they are gone , there are no more so pick one up  here today!

I'm a long time snail mail lover so I made sure every item in this box can be used for Halloween inspired mail!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Floral print ,dinosaurs, and mermaids oh my!

The other night at a time I'd rather not admit being up at lol , I discovered a website called Society6 . It is a fantastic concept you can upload and sell your designs on a multitude of items without having to order and stock everything yourself. As soon as I saw they made all over printed t shirts . I had to jump on the band wagon and expand my shops designs.

The first design was a dinner party brain storm idea I had a with friends a few weeks back , side note I will make this into wallpaper one day!  I mean dinosaurs and floral print be still my strange little heart what more could I want. So I made it come to life .Here are my favorites with this design.

Next up was to expand on my favorite kitschy mermaid design and let me tell you its even cuter in fabric form!

Is it wrong that i want to buy all the things in my own shop lol

Monday, July 13, 2015

New stationery designs and specials

Hey guy's I've added a bunch of new letter set designs and also gift tags leading up to my gift wrap launch. Each letter set comes with 12 sheets of thick card stock paper which is printed on 100% recycled paper ,6 matching envelopes and 6 letter seals. Also now have a name and website set up Fancy Paperie .

There is also a special on gift tags 12 for $2

The special price is on the beetle juice letter set, I found a great deal so all sets are only $5!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Starting a new stationery line!

Hey guy's I know I haven't posted in awhile but I wanted to share some fun news with your. I am starting a side project doing stationery designs. The first designs are going to be the trial run, so I don't have a name yet. These are letter sets , I have started with 4 designs below. Each set contains 12 5x7 sheets of paper printed on thick card stock 6 colored envelopes to match the design and 6 envelope seals. I am having them professionally printed so they should be shipping out in 1 1/2- 2 weeks.
Each set is $10 plus $5.50 for u.s shipping this includes a tracking number . If your international let me know and I can get a price for shipping. If you buy 3 sets you get one free.
Since I don't have a name yet I don't have a website up yet so I will be taking payments through paypal. You can check out my etsy shop(on the side) for seller feedback in case you feel uneasy about not ordering off a website. To order you can either leave me a comment with your paypal email and design choices or if your more comfortable you can email me instead at

The designs are below 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

YSL new favorite mascara review

First off let me just say this past year I became a huge fan of YSL makeup products. I was already a huge fan of their babydoll mascara and then I got accepted for the YSL voxbox and I was super excited to try their other mascara If you know me , you know I'm always wearing fake lashes its a habit i picked up years ago and it's so hard to quit. I feel naked without them on lol.  On occasion when running to the store quickly I will just wear mascara and no falsies so when I do i need a majorly amazing mascara to make me feel like I still have lashes.

 Here is a photo with my usual falsies i wear for reference .

This is now with just the YSL volume effect faux clis 
Now for just mascara this is amazing my lashes are usually non existent.
The babydoll mascara does a great job lengthening but the faux clis adds thickness and length which is even better. Ignore the weird things my eyes are doing its hard to get a good photo of the mascara with my lighting lol
I highly recommend this mascara and pretty much any eye product from YSL . I have yet to try the others but I'm looking forward to trying their face and lip products!

I was given this mascara for free to try but all opinions are my own.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Delving into cookie painting

This blog hasn't seem much baking related action lately so I thought I would share with you something I have been working on the past year. Edible painting ,in particular cookie painting  .
The first try was quite awhile ago after seeing it online I did pretty well but kinda forgot the whole thing until last year when i was seeing more and more painted cakes and cookies so I thought I would pick up the brush again .

flower painted cookies

This was my first go at cooking painting above.

I get asked a lot how I went from fashion design to being a baker , well its a long story in general but isn't as much of a stretch as you would think. I studied art for as long as I can remember and to this day its still in my heart. If you really think about it the decorated pastry work I do is just another form of art, sugar art. I take a lot i learned about color and technique with art and apply it to an edible format. Now I will be the first person to say no matter how many years of practice I've had I'm not even close to an amazing artist and don't ask me to paint a lifelike human face lol but the more i have worked on it this year the better I have become .
These are some of my favorites from this past year .

painted corpse bride cookie hand painted retro Christmas cookies tea and scottie cookies

Have you tried anything new this year or would like to start this new year you would like to share?

Friday, February 13, 2015

EShakti holiday dress review

When I was contacted by eShakti  to review another one of their items in their holiday collection I jumped at the chance . With holiday's coming up i was scouring the net trying to find a dress for the holidays . I had been looking for a Christmas print pin up style dress with no luck lol. I browsed their collection and was torn at which to get but decided on the kayla dress. Its currently out of stock so I can't link you but if it comes back i would recommend snagging one.

So i started this post right after Christmas but got swamped with orders and almost forgot about it I'm terrible I'm sorry lol . Let me continue the dresses are made and shipped from another country but somehow I got my dress before most places I order from that are in the U.S. I was so excited to get this dress its even more beautiful in person I will update with more photos when i get a chance to take pictures wearing it. I feel like I'm always rushing when going to a party. The greatest thing about EShakti is that all the dresses offer customization  . Since it was winter i opted to add sleeves to this dress which i should have went with shorter sleeves my own fault though. And you can have it made in custom measurements and by height which is perfect for someone as tall as me . Since even though most dresses run short pin up style dresses are still to long for my taste I got mine at the perfect length . Lastly did I mention this dress has pockets!! It couldn't be more perfect and that brocade pattern is even more amazing in person you can tell this dress is high quality. 

So since I'm late on holidays I'm going to show my dress picks for the upcoming seasons!

If only this came in green ! I could add it to the plaid collection lol

Floral and polka dots yes please!!
Take a look and tell me your favorite design

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