Fashion meets home decor

I was picked to use my personal style to come up with a home decor set for Modani  furniture . I was really excited for this challenge because home decor and fashion are both things I love.

Fashion Meets Home decor

Although Modani is a modern based furniture store and I'm not a modern loving girl at all , I was still able to pick out so many options that fit my own personal style. As I'm sure you know from following my blog a big part of my fashion love and style would be a dark and classic styles . I love extravagance and minimalism is not for me. These baroque style chairs they have plenty of fit right into that style. I was able to add all these other little touches and a slight pop of color to my almost all black room to come up with the perfect living room to suit my style. Plus these trunks and chandelier are so very old Hollywood glam! Not to mention this clock which is reminiscent of steampunk style to me.

The whole collection is is centered around this beautiful chair which you can find along with sofa collection as well . They have a lot of amazing furniture and statement pieces  for your house .


  1. You've picked some lovely things.
    Rubi | The Den |


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