Floral print ,dinosaurs, and mermaids oh my!

The other night at a time I'd rather not admit being up at lol , I discovered a website called Society6 . It is a fantastic concept you can upload and sell your designs on a multitude of items without having to order and stock everything yourself. As soon as I saw they made all over printed t shirts . I had to jump on the band wagon and expand my shops designs.

The first design was a dinner party brain storm idea I had a with friends a few weeks back , side note I will make this into wallpaper one day!  I mean dinosaurs and floral print be still my strange little heart what more could I want. So I made it come to life .Here are my favorites with this design.

Next up was to expand on my favorite kitschy mermaid design and let me tell you its even cuter in fabric form!

Is it wrong that i want to buy all the things in my own shop lol


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