why wedding stationery isn't just invitations

Why wedding stationery isn't just invitations .

Growing up I was always far ahead of my time in my thoughts and manners, while most teenagers were idolizing Britney Spears I was planing dinner parties and reading Martha Stewart magazines . While doing so I learned a lot of proper etiquette about gifts, weddings and thank you's . The one common thing that still stands today is no email will ever have the same effect as sending a hand written thank you note or letter on beautiful paper.

While planning your wedding It's easy to forget all the little things that your friends and family do and help with along the way. From your brides maids helping you put together favors till 2 am over a few bottles of wine or your parents picking up the tab on a few more things than you had planned on.
When its all said and done and your special day is over the best way to show your appreciation is to send personal thank you's to everyone who helped.
Sure it may take some extra time but its worth every minute to show you care.

For the little things, I recommend a little thank you card with just a few words expressing your gratitude.
For your friends and family who did more than you can imagine or even just wanting to tell your maid of honor how much she means to your. Sending a letter on beautiful paper is the perfect way to impress and show your love.

Lastly the most important person on your big day the one you love and the one your marrying. How sweet would it be to send them a love note on the morning of your big day . Write to them telling them how excited you are or how much you love them and have it sent over to them before you see each other. Its a sweet little gesture that's often over looked but can have a big impact.

I hope you took something from this article and don't forget everyone along the way!

- Amanda of Fancy Paperie 


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