Vox Box glam box review

So excited to share with you the new box I got from Influenster . I really love the beauty boxes so I was excited to get the newest one the glam box .

First up are the shea moisture  raw shea butter facial skin care collection .

I love a good face mask so I decided to try that one first in the bath. I wasn't a big fan of the smell but I don't like highly scented things in general . I went ahead and left it on my face for the given time. When I washed it off my face felt super soft and not tight which most masks leave my face feeling. I really wanted wanted to love this but the next day my skin broke out . I tend to have sensitive skin so I'm sure most of you won't have that reaction . 

Next up are the Q-tip precision tips. Some of the suggestions are you can use them to blend your eye shadow but since I have a plethora of brushes I decided to use them on my nails. It was great to clean up the sides of your nails after painting them because of the pointy tips. Just dip them in nail polish remover and carefully swipe them over the nail polish you got on your fingers. These will really come in handy . I can also see them coming in handy to clean up lipstick smudges .

Next was the disposable Venus razors and Venus with a touch of Olay shave cream.
These razors were really great I only knicked myself once lol and got a smooth shave .My shaving cream on the other hand had a defective spout so I only managed to get a little bit out. The amount I did get out though left my legs really soft which just made it more disappointing I couldn't get anymore out lol.

Then there were the Cutex nail polish remover pads . I had never tried any nail polish remover pads so I was excited to use them . I had on dark purple nail polish so I was worried it wouldn't work but I managed to get off all my nail polish with just one pad . I would call these a win and great for traveling as well since they fit easily into your purse .

Lastly the much anticipated product to try was Not Your Mother's Dry shampoo. Because of my hair color I use dry shampoo very often. I have tried a bunch of different brands in all price ranges so I was looking forward to trying this one . Granted my hair was on its 3rd day since I was working I went ahead and tried it . It wasn't scented at all which was great and it didn't leave my hair stiff like some can. Also no white color to it at all . It did make my hair look much less greasy but the staying power wasn't to great . I imagine on day two it would have lasted longer .I'll be trying it again soon since its a great price and seems to work well.

All the products I received were free but all my opinions were my own .


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