Maple Holistic's tea tree shampoo review

Hey guy's! I know its been awhile since I posted but I wanted to share with you a new product I recently got to try. I was contacted by Maple Holistics  to try out one of their shampoos . I'm always up for trying out new hair products so I jumped at the chance . The shampoo I tried out was their tea tree oil formula shampoo . I've read about tea tree oil before and heard its great for hair. It also has great benefits for scalp health which I could definitely use with all I put my hair through .

I decided to give it a few weeks worth of a test to see how it really held up . It is a little different from regular shampoo as you have to let it sit on your hair for 2 minutes but it was not a big deal. After a few weeks of using it I really did notice a difference in my scalp it seemed lighter and cleaner and whenever I used this shampoo my hair felt so soft after . If you bleach your hair often like I do you will know soft hair isn't always a feeling you know lol . The only downfall I did notice was it did take a decent amount of color out of my hair with each wash . But i do have semi permanent dyed hair so this is a struggle I have with most shampoos. I'm sure if you have regular dyed hair you will be fine with this stuff.  The best part for you guy's reading is they have a free sample program so you can try them out as well ! Just click here for the link .


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